Pellon Legacy Batting

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I am the Northern Illinois Sales Rep and offer both Wholesale Retail, and Quilts of Valor pricing.

For more information on this offer contact or give me a call at 630-837-6383.


Packaging exclusive to Pellon’s new Legacy batting product :
One of the most important issues addressed in the Legacy® line of battings which make Pellon exclusive is the sizes of
packaging and rolls:

  • Legacy comes in 48” and 96” batting by the yard rolls that are doubled to 24” widths and rolled on fabric boards (shown in picture).
  • The 96” wide batting comes in 9 yard packages that can be stored on a shelf like fabric and taken to the cutting table like fabric. Imagine buying 96” batting by the yard by taking a 5 pound board to the cutting tables and getting the exact size you need.  No waste and the costs are far less than many packaged battings.


The Legacy Quilting line of quilt batting first starting shipping in June, 2009. This line of batting is the most diverse in the industry.  Pellon® has taken the best items from all the other manufacturers in the United States and put them into one line that is available to distributors in the US and abroad to sell at wholesale and retail prices.  Go to to view the complete line.  Below is the comparison to help you compare:

Warm & Natural®:  The best selling items for Warm & Natural are their cottons with scrim.  

  • Pellon’s100% cotton with scrim, products are similar to Warms unbleached cotton.
  • Pellon’s bleached cotton with scrim are similar to Warm & White. 
  • Differences:  Pellon’s are lighter, more drapable, cleaner, wider, and less expensive. 

Dream® Cotton:  The most sought after battings are cottons. 

  • Pellon’s bleached and unbleached 100% cotton are similar to Dream cotton. 
  • Differences:  Dream has several thicknesses which Pellon doesn’t offer. 
  • Pellon offers a 3.5 oz per square yard and is right in the middle of Dream’s lightest and the next one up. 
  • Pellon’s rolls are also wider and less expensive than Dream.

Hobbs®:  Hobb’s best seller has been their cotton/poly 80/20. 

  • Pellon has two 80/20 products, with scrim and 80/20 without scrim. 
  • Both of Pellon’s products use ultra clean, medical grade cotton which is cleaner than anything else on the market.  
  • Differences:  Hobbs 80/20 is resin bonded.
    • Pellon batting is either needle punched with a scrim or Thermal Bonded. 
    • Pellon’s batting products are much more even and much softer than Hobbs.
    • Priced very similarly.

In addition to the above items Pellon® also has items that none of them have including: 

  • Soy Blends
  • Bamboo Blends
  • Fire Retardent Rayon  
  • Flax/Linen.  
  • Thermal Bonded wool
  • Polyester including commodity polys in 6oz., 9 oz., and 12 oz.
    priced perfectly for charity projects and long-armers’ demo quilting budgets

Every package of Legacy is packaged by hand and checked for quality in that process.  This helps insure the quality and the process does not wrinkle the batting or stretch it out.


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